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Menopause Massage

"At her first period a girl meets her wisdom. Through her menstruating years she practices her wisdom. At menopause she becomes her wisdom."

~ Native American Saying

Menopause is a rite of passage for women. A passage that, due to a fluctuation in hormones and life's stresses, can sometimes cause symptoms like brain fog, body aches, joint pain, night sweats, hot flashes, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and uncontrollable rage. It does not have to be this uncomfortable!

This is a wholistic treatment that includes and in-depth intake in order to get to the root cause of symptoms and develop a treatment plan for wellness. All levels of a woman will be addressed; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A castor oil pack is applied and specific essential oil blends are used during this treatment to help balance hormones, reduce stress and anxiety, and uplift the spirit.

$200 - Initial Consult/Treatment (2 hours)
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