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reiki healing
massage therapy
prenatal massage

Therapeutic Massage

"Massage it not a luxury. It is a necessity."

Massage therapy has been proven to reduce blood pressure, increase circulation, boost immunity, decrease stress, alleviate sore muscles and joint stiffness and improve joint movement.

$80 (60 min.) $100 (75 min.) $120 (90 min.)

Fertility Massage

Fertility massage is a specialized massage to enhance a couple's potential to conceive naturally or with Artificial Reproductive Technology. By using several different modalities, this treatment is designed to reduce stress hormones, balance reproductive hormones, tonify reproductive organs and promote a state of emotional balance. Castor oil packs are applied on the abdomen, as well as abdominal massage and deep pelvic work to cleanse the digestive system for better nutritional assimilation, increase circulation in the pelvis and break up any adhesions or congestion.

The initial treatment includes an in-depth consultation to determine where you are in your fertility journey and develop a comprehensive plan forward. Emotional support is available throughout this journey.

$200 - Initial Consult/Treatment (2 hours)
$150 - Follow up Treatment (90 min.)

Prenatal Massage

"The female being is a portal between the spiritual realm and the physical realm. The only force in the universe powerful enough to navigate and incarnate unborn spirits into our world."

Therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the specific needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through dramatic changes during pregnancy. This massage can ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, help prepare for labor and give nurturing emotional support. This treatment is performed on a customized prenatal massage table so the client is able to safely lie face down and up.

$100 - (75 min. session)

Postnatal Massage

Women go through a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation during pregnancy, labor and birth. This nurturing massage focuses on assisting the mother to heal on all levels. A castor oil pack and light abdominal massage is included in this treatment.

$100 - (75 min. session)

Induction Massage

Induction massage is a specialized treatment done at full term (39-40 weeks) to help prepare the mother-to-be for labor by relaxing any tight muscles, decreasing stress and balancing energy. Deeper work is done in the pelvic area and sacrum to release the pelvis, creating more space for the baby. Clary sage essential oil is used on specific acupressure points associated with labor to assist your body in doing what it is naturally designed to do. This treatment will promote a sense of peace, courage and strength.

$100 - (75 min. session)

Menopause Massage

"At her first period a girl meets her wisdom. Through her menstruating years she practices her wisdom. At menopause she becomes her wisdom."

~ Native American Saying

Menopause is a rite of passage for women. A passage that, due to a fluctuation in hormones and life's stresses, can sometimes cause symptoms like brain fog, body aches, joint pain, night sweats, hot flashes, exhaustion, anxiety, depression and uncontrollable rage. It does not have to be this uncomfortable!

This is a wholistic treatment that includes and in-depth intake in order to get to the root cause of symptoms and develop a treatment plan for wellness. All levels of a woman will be addressed; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A castor oil pack is applied and specific essential oil blends are used during this treatment to help balance hormones, reduce stress and anxiety, and uplift the spirit.

$200 - Initial Consult/Treatment (2 hours)

Wholistic Treatment

"What has been misaligning you and keeping you away from your true potential?"

This treatment is special and unique. We will explore every aspect; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, identify the root cause of dis-ease and formulate a custom treatment plan in order to reestablish wellness. This treatment is for anyone who is sick and tired of feeling "sick and tired". This treatment is for anyone who wants to live their best life. This treatment is for anyone who is willing and ready to do the work and invest in themselves.

$200 - Initial Consult/Treatment (2 hours)

Womb Healing

For millennia, people have worshipped the womb as the sacred portal from which all life is birthed. The womb space is our seat of deep wisdom and our creative power center. It is where we birth new life and new ideas into the world. 

This treatment is for anyone who struggles with painful or irregular periods, infertility, miscarriages, digestive disorders, brain fog, headaches, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, or lack of direction or purpose in life. This treatment utilizes the application of a castor oil pack and, depending on focus of treatment, other modalities such as abdominal massage, deep pelvic work, head, neck massage, reflexology, cranial sacral or reiki. Every treatment is specific to each client.

$150 - (90 min. session)


Reiki is a type of energy healing that focuses on the chakras, which are the energy centers in our body. When there is an imbalance or block in our chakra system, it can affect us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and manifest physically. When the chakras are open, energy flows freely, creating harmony between the physical body, mind and spirit. This treatment can reduce pain in the body, open and balance the chakras, raise the vibration, promote a deep sense of peace, clear and release any past traumas and can evoke motivation to move forward in life. The burning of sage to clear energy, crystal and gemstones, essential oils and angel cards can intuitively be brought into a session.

$100 (60 min.)

Exfoliating Body Glow

The skin is the largest organ of the body, responsible for protecting the body, regulating body temperature, and playing a role in immunity. 

This treatment consists of exfoliating dry skin, opening pores with heat and finishing with a moisturizing oil massage, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

$100 - (60 min.)

Raindrop Technique

This technique, developed by Young Living Founder Gary Young, draws from his experience with Native American wellness traditions and provides a revolutionary means of nurturing harmony; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Essential oils are dispensed like drops of rain on the back and are feathered and massaged in along the vertebrae and back muscles. 

The oils combine to kill viral and bacterial pathogens, decrease inflammation, support the immune system, relax stressed muscles, relieve muscle and joint discomfort, as well as balance energy, lift the spirit, restore calm and increase the ability to focus. 

$100 - (60 min.)

Ear Candling

Ear candling, also known as ear coning, has been around for centuries. A hollow beeswax cone is placed in the ear while the other end is lit on fire. The warm heat transfers down the cone into the ear, softening the built-up wax. A gentle vacuum is created by the cone, pulling wax and impurities out of the ear. Some benefits can include improved hearing, reduced pain from headaches and sinus pressure, help with vertigo and tinnitus, and improved lymphatic flow.

$50 - (30 min.)
$40 - (add on to any session)
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